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Founded in 2008, PT Solnet Indonesia specializes in providing state-of-the-art international telecommunications, infrastructure, and IT services in Indonesia, supported by advanced fiber optic networks and redundant submarine cables to Singapore.

Discover Our Unique Strengths

Solid Financial Performance

Consistent, strong financial results, demonstrating stability, growth, and fiscal responsibility

Onsite Support Team

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year for you

Excellent Sales Service

Customer support, expert guidance, and personalized assistance throughout

Wide Bandwidth Range

Able to provide any bandwidth capacity between 20 Mbps to 100 Gbps

SLA 99.9%

with fully protected fiber

Experienced Team

A seasoned management and technical team with extensive industry expertise 24/7, 365 days a year for you

Our Milestones

Humble Beginnings
Founded In Batam, Indonesia
Became a reseller of internet services
The Journey began with a modest 75m2 rental office space at Batam Center
Internet Service Provider License
Acquired the Internet Service Provider (ISP) license from KOMINFO
Start of Solnet’s internet provisioning via wireless/radio connections
JartapLok License
Secured the Jaringan Packet Switched (JartapLok) license from KOMINFO
Beginning of Solnet’s advanced and redundant fiber optic last-mile network in Indonesia
Solnet pioneered Fiber to Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the Factory/Building (FTTX) networks
Jartup License
Attained the Jaringan Tetap Tertutup (Jartup) license from KOMINFO
Marking the initiation of Solnet’s strategic fiber backbone development across Indonesia
New Office
In December, Solnet acquired a parcel of land in Batam and initiated construction for a 7-floor building
This facility will serve as the Solnet office, with an additional 2 floors dedicated to housing a Tier-3, 2-Megawatt (MW) Data Center
Network Access Provider License
Secured the Network Access Provider (NAP) license from KOMINFO
Solnet embarked on the establishment of their international Point of Presence (POP) at prestigious locations, including Equinix SG-1, Global Switches, and KDDI Singapore
PT Omni Cloud Indonesia
Solnet’s subsidiary company, PT Omni Cloud Indonesia, initiated the construction of Cloud computing infrastructure
Offers open stack and baremetal services, at both the Batam POP and Jakarta POP locations
PT Omni Data Center Indonesia
In April, Solnet successfully completed and commenced the utilization of its newly constructed 7-floor office building
In August, PT Omni Data Center Indonesia, initiated the development of a Tier 3 Data Center

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